Analysis of research and development activities in the wood energy sector and measures for producing an innovative Master programme


One of the project’s work packages had the title “Education-research-innovation triangle”. The aim was to provide the future Master programme with as strong scientific and innovative basis as possible.

Most relevant sources of information were searched and mapped for the use of the future Master programme, e.g.:

  • literature databases

  • journals and scientific publications

  • research and interchange projects

In addition, the project surveyed the information sources provided by the most important worldwide bioenergy research and coordination programmes and organisations like

  • FAO (United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization’s Forestry Department and   

  • IEA (International Energy Agency)

As well, the project mapped potential employers who may give the eWOOD students thesis works and internships. The list consists of 426 companies and organizations throughout Europe.

Innovation indices for trainee employers were designed and innovation courses were planned for students, teachers and trainee supervisors.


Survey to experts and potential employers of trainees in the wood energy sector

The partners of the eWOOD project organized a survey during autumn 2013 and spring 2014 to gather supporting information for the planning of the Master programme. This survey was given to the experts and stakeholders of the wood energy sector in all of the involved countries: Hungary, Finland, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

The survey was designed to fulfill several goals, e.g:

- to collect information regarding the perception of the wood energy sector in the partners' countries

- to identify the main job-market requirements in terms of skills and education, as well as the acceptance of the specific University study offered in the field of wood energy

- to disseminate and promote the international eWOOD master initiative

- to gather a list of enterprises and companies willing to host eWOOD master trainee students

Download the eWOOD survey for public use here